Established in 1995 as a mixed-use Business and Technology Park; Capricorn Business Park is a rapidly growing commercial and industrial node in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. The estate is set in an award-winning nature conservation area and new users to the Park are scrutinised to ensure the environment is not compromised.

After a slow period in the late 2000’s the Park is now booming with new developments popping up on a regular basis with a few vacant stands from between 2,000sqm to 11,000sqm remaining available for development.

If you’re not quite ready for a new build or to own your own property, there are a few options available to lease with current vacancies ranging from smaller 200sqm to 300sqm units right up to 3,000sqm. The option to lease rather than purchase, allows for future business growth and the ability to remain within the Park. The most frequent property transactions taking place currently, are by businesses moving within the Park to accommodate their growth.

View the vacancies here: http://property.ikongroup.co.za/property-to-rent-in-capricorn-s12788 .

The area is extremely competitively priced with rentals on average 10% to 12% lower than that of neighbouring Westlake Business Park. As a result, many businesses are migrating to Capricorn Park.

Current rentals range from R60 per square metre for existing facilities and new development rentals commence at R65 per square metre. The asking rentals at Westlake Business Park range between R75 per square metre and R85 per square metre. Nearby Retreat’s asking rentals are between R55 per square metre to R74 per square metre, but even though these rentals are quite low, Retreat lacks the security and spacious environment of Capricorn Park.

Recent examples of businesses migrating to Capricorn Park include Charlotte Rhys, who have moved from Westlake and Civils 2000 who relocated from Tokai. Other large firms who have made Capricorn Park their home are Sasol’s Research and Technology Centre, Reitech (German engineers) and The Poleyard.

Businesses range from landscaping, solar conversions and engineering firms to large distribution facilities, metal manufactures and boat builders.

Benefits of the Park are many, with easy access on to M5 and Baden Powell Drive at each entrance. Capricorn Park is only a 30 minutes’ commute to Cape Town International or the City Centre. Strict parking ratios ensure there is adequate parking and the wide road network allows for ease of maneuverability for articulated trucks. Public transport is readily available and taxis travel constantly from the Steenberg train station directly to the Park’s entrance.

In addition to the great economic and logistical advantages, the Park is built around a large central wetland, and is home to various fauna and flora. The occasional mongoose or tortoise can be found making their way through the estate. One lucky property owner has had the privilege of watching a pair of Spotted Eagle Owls nest in the flowerpot on her balcony for the last 3 years.

Spotted Eagle Owls nesting on the balcony of one property owner. – Photo credit S. Corbett

Capricorn Park has recently undergone security upgrades which include 24-hour security, CCTV monitored perimeter and regular patrols. “It’s not unfamiliar to see the guards cruising around on the quad bikes”.

To explore this award-winning Park, connect with us to find out how you can relocate your business here.

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