"The Altron Group has enjoyed a long and successful relationship with Jerri Mperdempes (Jerri) with regard to its property portfolio in Cape Town. As typically happens in many corporate environments, property decisions are made and then reversed as a result of changing conditions within the business environment or within the corporate itself.  Jerri has proven to be extremely resilient to these changes despite having put in a significant amount of work and effort in respect of each brief with no return.  He remains committed to the client and will continue to provide a professional service notwithstanding the setbacks. His passion, commitment and belief in first understanding the clients need and then finding a solution has led to the creation of the relationship and the continued support and use of Jerri. His attitude and unwavering drive to find a solution has benefited the Altron Group in that the property decisions that have been made with the assistance of Jerri have proven to be highly successful in achieving the overall objectives of the Real Estate Management strategy of the Altron Group in Cape Town."

Roger Sedlmaier

Allied Electronics Corporation Limited (ALTRON)

"Thank you for introducing the property to us. We appreciated the professional manner in which you conducted discussions."

Martin Rippon

Eris Property Group

"We have worked with Elton at Ikon Property Group for the last few years on the acquisition of commercial property assets. We have found him to operate with a high level of trust and integrity. He also has a high level of understanding with regard to introducing and brokering property assets that meet our acquisition criteria. Our association with Ikon Property Group has been a beneficial one for us and one that we value."

Gary Hackner

Investec Properties

"I have been associated in the property business with the directors and brokers of the Ikon Property Group of Cape Town for the past number of years and have used their professional services and advice on property matters; in particular, in respect of the purchase and sale of retail and office investment properties. I have found them to be knowledgeable, experienced, well connected and highly respected in the property industry. Our association has been mutually profitable over the many years. They continue to provide excellent service and assistance in all property-related matters."

Lionel Levinsohn

Annuity Property Fund

"Thank you for the professional manner in which you have conducted yourselves and for making compromises."

John Critien

UCT Head of property